Tomate Feo De Ríogordo

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Description : This is a really massive tomato - we've included a picture of it next to a (rather large) mug here to try to give you an idea of the scale.

Kate came by a selection of interesting tomatoes from a small local seed company on a visit to Seville a few years back. This variety proved to be a real stand out both in terms of earliness (this year only the super-early bushes ripened earlier) and flavour. You can see in the photo that it also makes really quite a lot of fruits.

The name translates as 'ugly, from the wide river' - well they may not be the prettiest of tomatoes, but in this case looks definitely aren't everything!

Very, very large red tomato, recommended for a greenhouse or polytunnel
Couleur : rouge
Hauteur : comprise entre 1.2 et 2 mètres
Calibre : très gros fruit - masse 300g à 1kg - calibre supérieur à 85mm
Précocité : Tardive:80 à 100 jours
Productivité : très bonne
Origine : Espagne

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